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What is Bayan Report?

Our credit reports include comprehensive information on your current and prospective clients and other third parties within the Kingdom through official and reliable sources such as the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, banks, financial institutions, Saudi companies and more.

More than

1 million

Commercial registrations in the Kingdom

More than


Audited financial statements in the Kingdom

Who can benefit from a statement report?

Saudi companies under an active trade register


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Through Bayan Report you can access

Trade credit information

Trade payment behavior and historical trend analysis of trade payment delays together with comparison to industry averages

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Banking and NBFI credit information

Information on both funded and non-funded financings such as loans, overdrafts, L/C, L/G, together with total loan amount, start and due dates, installment amount, and payment trend, behavior and delays

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Financial Statements

Access the complete set of financial statements including balance sheet, income statement, cashflow statement, auditor’s opinion and key financial ratios

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Commercial Registration information

Company’s identity status and trends such as changes in the official company name, legal contact information and more

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Management information

Board members, shareholders, paid-up capital, related parties, etc.

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