Frequently Asked Questions

The advantage of data sharing is to make the entity stronger by increasing its awareness of the market

The positive history will enhance the credit profile which will increase your trading and banking credit.

The report will add great value by accelerating the decision making process in credit and mitigating the risks as well as qualifying the market opportunities.

  • Easier access to bank financing and commercial credit.
  • Constant access to the sectors and market averages and discover opportunities to enter new markets.
  • Take high reliability decisions in record time.
  • Ease of access to company information globally.
  • Reduce credit risk and determine credit limits for customers

Yes, it is possible to enquire about international company through Bayan Global Reports.

Sharing your information has many benefits, such as adding more credibility to your information, getting more information about you customers, increasing your credit worthiness with your suppliers and much more

Bayan collects the information from many sources which include: Government Bodies, Commercial Entities, Banks and Financial Institutions

Bayan Offers a variety of services which are described in Our Services Section

We are keen on having the maximum quality of credit information per record, and how we do this easy; we make great deals with many private and public sector organizations for data-gathering, we work on cleansing the data and displaying it to our customers in a simple interface – so you can easily see relevant information about your new business partner and make an informative decision on extending credit.

Bayan’s database records are gathered from governmental sources:

  1. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  2. Ministry of Labor and Social Development
  3. General Commission of Zakat and income Tax

And private sources:

  1. Saudi Banks
  2. Telecom companies
  3. Trade companies

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