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About Bayan Global

Bayan Global Credit Report enables you to know the current credit, financial and legal status of your international clients in addition to benchmarking global credit averages and indicators in the international market.

Identity Information

Be informed about who you are partnering with through knowing their registered legal identity

Risk Assessment

Information about the Credit Score in the country of origin and credit trend analysis in comparison to risk assessment relevant to the company’s sector

Financial Statements*

Access financial statements such as Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cashflow Statements, Globally Certified Auditors’ opinions and Ratios

Management Info**

Information about the Company’s directors, their roles, addresses, nationalities, dates of birth, their relationship with other companies in addition to the organizational structure and headcount

* Not available for all countries

** Details vary depending on country

Official sources from credit bureaus from all over the globe
Easy search and access to updated and downloadable reports through an intuitive and user friendly interface

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