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Commercial Registrations in the Kingdom

About Bayan Report

Bayan Report enables you to know the credit status of your current and future clients and partners in the Kingdom through certified and reliable sources of information such as the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Saudi Banks, Ministry of Labor and Social Development, General Authority of Zakat and Tax, Saudi Companies and more.

Trade Credit

Information and graphs about the company’s trade credit activities including important indicators such as market averages

Banking Credit*

Present and past Loans, Finances and Banking facilities information including total loan amounts, start and due dates, installments, payment trends (if the company is paying on time)

Financial Statements

Access financial statements such as Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cashflow Statements, Auditors opinions and Ratios

Identity Information

Company’s identity status and trends such as changes in the official company name, legal contact information and more

Management information

Company’s board members information, company shares, partnerships and more

* Not available in some packages

Records from official sources like government bodies, banks and companies
Packages designed specifically for large companies and SMEs in the Kingdom

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