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What We offer?

We help you make an informative credit decision


Be well informed when making agreements with other companies in the kingdom or abroad

Analytical Tools

Enables you to understand and improve your company’s credit performance and benchmark it properly with interactive analytical data and graphs


All-inclusive credit services with international standards to help your business achieve its trade goals and sustain a good financial standing

Why Bayan?

Benefits of using Bayan Services and Products


Know more about the trade credit information about your company and clients

Build Relationships

Be confident when you are extending sales for credit and improve your current and prospective client relationships


Measure your clients’ trade credit performance

Trusted Sources

Integrated trade credit reports from official and trusted sources locally and globally so you can improve KYC performance and lower credit risks


Advisory services that enable you to unveil trade credit risks and help you collect and analyze market data


Multi-dimensional analytics for your credit portfolio

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Get the intelligence tools you need to make an informative credit decision

Know more about your company and clients

Build better relationships with clients

Measure your company and clients credit performance

Improve KYC performance through official sources of information

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