What is Bayan Credit Bureau?

Bayan Credit Bureau is the first licensed credit bureau by SAMA license number 1/37 and was founded in 2015 with a capital of 50 million Saudi Riyals and is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Bayan provides credit, financial and trade intelligence solutions for your company so you can confidently and prudently make informed decisions while simultaneously strengthening the performance of your credit relationships. Bayan’s products and services provide you with the latest commercial, credit and financial information of your clients, suppliers and other third parties based on official sources. In addition, Bayan’s analytical tools improve your company’s credit performance and profile relative to its peers.

Who owns Bayan Credit Bureau?

Bayan Credit Bureau is a closed joint stock company owned by THIQAH Business Services Company, Takamol Holding Company, Bank Al Bilad, Alinma Bank and Gulf International Bank.

What role does Bayan play in improving the Saudi economy?

Bayan is the leading integrated trade, credit, and financial data provider in the Kingdom that aims to improve the SME’s level of participation in the economy through facilitating greater access to capital.

How to obtain Bayan’s solutions?

Please fill out the online form and provide us with the required documents in order to complete your membership process and gain access to our diverse range of solutions. Once you submit the application, we will review your information and contact you. Your login credentials will be sent to your registered email once the registration process is completed.

How much does it cost to become Bayan’s member?

Please contact us for more details.

Where does Bayan get their data from?

Bayan acts as a central data-hub for various data sources collected from the following sources:

  • Ministry of Commerce and Investment,
  • Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development
  • Government Entities
  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Saudi companies


What is Bayan Credit Report?

Bayan Credit Report is a comprehensive credit report with information on a company’s registration and identity details, management and shareholders, financial statements, trade payment behavior, banking and FI credit/loan information and past payment behavior.

Why are Credit Reports so important?

Credit Reports helps companies to manage their credit and operating risk through gaining a better and comprehensive understanding of their suppliers, customers and other third parties.

Who can benefit from Bayan Credit Reports?

To access Bayan Credit Reports, you must be a licensed business entity with a valid Saudi Commercial Registration status, or a Saudi government entity.

What services are offered by Bayan?

Bayan offers a variety of offerings which are described in Our Solutions section

What are the benefits of sharing my information with Bayan?

Becoming a part of Bayan’s network of data providers assists with greater data sharing and transparency within the Kingdom while at the same time opening a range of possibilities through benefitting from our solutions and services.

Why should I become Bayan’s member?

Some of the benefits of our membership include:

  • Obtain credit reports as part of your internal credit risk assessment of your suppliers and/or customers
  • Easier access to bank financing and commercial credit
  • On-demand access to the industry and company level financial information for your financial research and due diligence requirements
  • Ease of access to credit reports of international companies
  • Manage credit risk and determine credit limits for customers


How does a good payment history help my status?

A good payment history with your trade suppliers and lenders will reflect positively in your credit report which will increase your chances to obtain more trading and banking credit.

Can I enquire about international companies?

Yes, it is possible to enquire about international companies through Bayan Global Reports.