Bayan Indices
Know your credit performance against the market
What is Bayan Indices?
Bayan Indices is an online analytics platform designed for financial and credit risk analysts, researchers and others who are interested in the financial analysis and assessment of any Saudi company, industry, sub-industry, and company benchmarking using the audited financial statements submitted to the Ministry of Commerce and Investment’s Qawaem program.
Audited Financial Statements in the Kingdom
Analyzed financial graphs and charts
Financial Ratios
Who can access Bayan Indices?
Saudi companies with an active commercial registration
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Through Bayan Report you can access
Get an access to Local enriched financial data
Financial information of over 40,000 local companies across all industries in the Kingdom
Acces Sector benchmarking
Benchmark the financial performance and position of a company against its local peers within the industry or sub-industry.
Take informed decisions
Through Bayan Indices you can take confident credit decisions based on a company’s past financial performance and industry benchmarking