Bayan Portal
Access and manage your credit report All in one place!
What is the Bayan Portal?
Bayan Portal enables you to view your company’s credit information and allow third parties to access and view your credit information thereby promoting trust among SMEs, corporations, and banks.
Now via Bayan portal ..
You can issue e-consent to companies that want to enquire about your credit information. In addition, you can request credit reports on global companies.
Eligibility criteria
Commercial Entities licensed under an active Saudi Commercial Register
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Through Bayan Report you can access
Self Report
Obtain your company’s credit report, view commercial, trade, financial and banking credit information of your company – Your first self-report is for FREE!
Enquire about more than 200+ million companies globally
Obtain credit reports of international entities from all across the world, including GCC, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas, and Australia
Approve or reject access requests by other third parties to view your credit report
You can raise objection or propose amendment to modify your credit information through the portal