Overview about Bayan
We will help you in Making Informed Credit Decisions
Closed joint-stock company
Established in 2015
Licensed by SAMA
Bayan being the leading Business-to-Business credit information provider in the GCC region
To facilitate Trade Credit decisions by making and sharing of information through innovative solutions
Strategic Goal
To offer an integrated solutions basket under one delivery platform to Corporates Financing and Investments communities
Added Value
Take confident decisions in an effective and efficient manner
Easy access to information from international companies
Increase the efficiency of credit management and build effective collection strategies
On-Demand access to the sectors and market averages to discover opportunities to enter new markets
Greater access to credit through increased and trans- parent data sharing
Access data related to domestic and foreign human capital from Ministry of Labor and Social Development
Our Commitment
We promise international information security standards
We promise a product value with the lowest competitive costs
We promise the highest standards of quality through our solutions
We promise international information security standards